Power Women who Infuse the Industry by LADYGUN & SPRAYGROUND


For our 2nd year Celebrating Women’s History Month we partnered with LADYGUN, a limited edition print magazine, to celebrate Women who have inspired us and who embody the spirit of Empowerment!

Photos by @lulannie
Hair by
Makeup by @deney_adam
Styling by @bianca_arielle_bailey
Directed by @sandflowerpower

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The ‘CAMOKAWA’ collection embodies creative and unique designs that Sprayground is known for, innovative backpack styles and all recycled DLX backpacks. Keeping their original look, Sprayground integrated a plethora of designs that stand out from any other backpack on the market. Some have neon-colored designs and semi-translucent rubber while others have rhinestones bedazzled all over, making it the perfect springtime look.


Sprayground has created styles for everyone to choose from solid black to multi-colored bedazzled; they have even created a modern backpack for minimalist packing to eco-friendly bags. The innovative and modern backpack for people on the go is big enough for all the essentials and small enough to not inhibit the go-getter life.


The collection includes a three-piece bag collection - a duffle bag, backpack and cross-body bag, as well as a four-piece apparel line, including three hooded sweaters and one pair of joggers - all items incorporate Sprayground’s famous ‘shark mouth’ pattern.


Most recently, the global backpack and accessories brand launched a clothing line, ‘RED LABEL APPAREL’, where creative director David Ben David took inspiration from his previous work and collaborations, combining the creativity and uniqueness to create this first-of-its-kind collection.


Founder and creative director, David Ben David excitedly shares what this collection means to him, “I am super stoked to drop the first phase of the Spring Collection; I want to create something for the fans to be able to use with their life seamlessly, whilst still expressing themselves with the uniqueness they have and Sprayground wants to capture. Every time I drop a collection I think ‘how will the fans use the bags?’ I see these bags being used in a multitude of everyday life occurrences.  I can’t wait for them to see the rest of it!”

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We are a powerful people. Each of us. Connected by our human history like the branches of a tree. There is nothing artificial about this - built on nature, spirit, heart and mind we are united beyond or differences. This A.i. Collection aka “African Intelligence” is a celebration of what brings us together honoring the past, present, and future. Co-created by Sandflower with SPRAYGROUND's CEO/Creator David Ben David this collection is inspired by the many countries and cultures of the birthplace of humanity... Africa!! A portion of the proceeds from this collection go to global Humanitarian Aid & Empowerment, Conservation & Sustainability Programs. Shop this limited-edition collection here now.
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“Sprayground” Is Celebrating Its Female Staff


Accessories Company Honors Its Female Staff In New Photo Shoot

“Spraygound” is celebrating its female staff in a new photoshoot for Women’s History Month.

The nearly ten-year-old accessories line photographed its employees in its NYC showroom, showing off new designs for backpacks, carryalls and fanny packs.

Founder David Ben David said he wanted to honor Sprayground’s female staffers, calling these women were the backbone of his company who helped turn his surreal dreams into reality.

David said women from diverse backgrounds making up a large portion of its senior management, from marketing and PR to merchandising and designing.

“The idea of the shoot was for the women of Sprayground to showcase their personality,” David said in a statement. “We had a stylist on hand that day, but the women of Sprayground picked their look and shot with a bag that represents their alter ego.”

Known for its signature backpacks adorned with wide, snaggletoothed grins, Sprayground has collaborated with artists and pro athletes over the years.

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Our LA Pop-Up Shop Made It To The Los Angeles Times!

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After a busy week in Los Angeles, Sprayground is officially back at there Times Square headquarters planning for a New York pop-up shop opening on the 19th of August. 

While in LA, Sprayground opened a week long pop-up shop on Fairfax Avenue. The Los Angeles Times came by the pop up shop to chat with Sprayground's founder and creative director, David Ben-David on how he built his brand. Check out the full story here! 


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