AS SEEN IN FORBES: Sprayground x Formula 1


Streetwear Brand Sprayground Collaborates With Formula 1 In A New Capsule Collection

Streetwear comes to the race course with the known apparel and backpack brand Sprayground creating a capsule collection of bold bags and eye-catching clothing. It’s the first time the brand and the car racing giant have partnered to collaborate. The iconic look in the collection is Sprayground’s iconic and collectable Shark Mouth design for race car spectators, and another bag in the collection details graphics that will transport one to the GrandPrix. As Sprayground loyalists know, all products are limited and never produced again, a same for this collection.

According to notes from the house, “the physics-defying nimbleness at the hands of the F1 drivers was translated into this collection - made in the highest-quality whilst keeping the brand’s core identity of being innovative and individual on show.” The collaboration has produced backpacks, duffle bags, hoodies, and crewnecks that ooze with the feeling of a need for speed. And pieces in the collection incorporate a black and red color palette with the ‘F1’ logo.

Started out as a travel company in 20210 and founded by David Ben David, who was bored with what he called mundane bags on the market. So, David and his team sought to mesh art, design, music, travel, and fashion into one. Designing more than just bags, Sprayground now has evolved into luggage, outwear, footwear, and creating its own Music Label, Creative Outcasts.

Over a decade later Sprayground’s bags are international in over thirty countries with over twenty distributors with pop-ups in the US, Shanghai and Beijing. Chris Brown, Spike Lee, Buzz Aldrin, The Game, and Shaquille O’Neal have all been seen sporting the brand and collaborating in some way- along with the NBA, MARVEL, and various humanitarian organizations.

Later this year Sprayground will unveil a designed wrapped Formula 1 car themed “Circuit of America’s.” This design was done just for this collaboration and the car includes the boldest design with the glory and power of aerodynamic F1 cars.

According to David, "the grade-A technology, sleek design and pure excitement that goes with Formula 1 has no comparison. It has always been a creative dream of mine to design something as iconic as this, and the collection is a true reflection of our take on the epic sport with a Sprayground twist. We’re excited to share with fans of F1 and Sprayground alike.”

The new collection will be available for purchase on Sprayground’s website.

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