Enter the JARDIN D'EDEN with Sprayground's New Collection


Sprayground, the world's leading fashion travel company, has launched its latest collection, JARDIN D'EDEN, featuring a stunning blend of black checkboard pattern, Sprayground's iconic sharkmouth and a never-seen-before graphic of snakes and flowers. The collection, inspired by the mythical Garden of Eden, offers a range of travel essentials, including a backpack, tote bas, Moneybear Teddybear backpack and a carry-on luggage.

The JARDIN D'EDEN collection is designed to appeal to the adventurous and sophisticated travelers who seek to escape the ordinary and be the exception. The collection showcases Sprayground's signature style of combining high-quality materials, innovative features and eye-catching designs. Each product is made with durable faux leather, water-resistant fabric, black zippers, metal hardware and ergonomic mesh back padding. The collection also features a slide-through back sleeve that connects to the carry-on luggage, allowing for easy and comfortable travel.

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