Explore the Oceans of Pandora with the All-New Sprayground Collection Inspired by 20th Century Studios’ Avatar: The Way of Water


Landing Earthside Just Ahead of the Film’s Premiere, You Can Now Rep Avatar: The Way of Water With Sprayground’s Ultra-Cool Official Sprayground x Avatar Capsule-Collection

To celebrate 20th Century Studios’ highly-anticipated film Avatar: The Way of Water, Sprayground - the artistically innovative fashion house, has collaborated with Disney and Lightstorm Entertainment to create an astonishing visual collection inspired by the film. 

This collection, comprised of three distinct backpacks, combines Sprayground's eclectic, fashion-forward style with stunning aquatic visuals of Pandora and its inhabitants. Known for its high-quality fashion collections which are known to turn heads, Sprayground’s all-new collection will be no different! A gorgeous palette of deep blues and vibrant greens allow these unique designs to stand out with bursts of color. 

Each backpack showcases unique elements inspired by the film, along  with Sprayground’s iconic shark mouth design. This collection offers the perfect adventure-ready backpack.

“Sprayground has always celebrated individuality and aims to cultivate an out of this world mentality,” said David BenDavid, Founder and Creative Director of Sprayground. “Who better to work with to emphasize these points than Disney and Lightstorm Entertainment for an all-new Avatar: The Way of Water collection? We’re excited to present this collaboration to fans of the epic film and Sprayground alike!” 

This new collection will be available on November 27, 2022 exclusively at www.sprayground.com.

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