Flanelle Magazine includes Sprayground in their annual list of the most sought-after and sumptuous gifts for the holidays!


Flanelle named their top 12 luxury gifts for the holiday season, read here why Sprayground’s design is one of them!

The Checkmate Royale Backpack by DLXV, a marvel of practical design and chic aesthetic, stands poised to become your steadfast companion, whether you’re navigating the urban jungle or embarking on a cross-country escapade. Its harmonious blend of utility and style is a salute to those who seek adventure without sacrificing elegance.

Clad in a sleek silhouette, this backpack brandishes an array of multi cargo pockets, all accented with matte gold hardware—a subtle nod to luxury that doesn’t overwhelm. The exterior promises efficiency with an array of pockets, including a velour-lined compartment for your sunglasses, ergonomically designed mesh back padding, and adjustable straps tailored for bespoke comfort. Moreover, a slide-through back sleeve ingeniously connects to your carry-on luggage, ensuring a hands-free experience when you’re on the move.

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