We are back with phase two of our luggage collection "Jungle Paris", kicking off the holiday season right. Offering an array of design options, we are more excited than ever to offer a piece of their luggage, whether flying or taking a road trip, these luggage pieces will be sure to elevate your experience.

What sets this line apart from the previous luggage launch is bringing together a fashion-forward camouflage pattern with its traditional ‘Henny’ design to create an epic presence. The new blueprint of our duffle has a more luxurious and modern structure that is the perfect size for a week-long get-away. Luggage can be a statement piece, and we are here to provide your new go-to travel look. Also, this duffle has an extra special feature, a secret pocket - but we’ll let you find that for yourselves!

The black shark bite carry-on and luggage pieces are back, alongside the new camouflage outer-shell version. Not only is it a stand-out design, but it is also high-quality and durable to last a lifetime. We pride ourselves on the quality and value of its products, always offering its customers competitive prices. 

Our signature ‘Money Stash’ design lines each product for an extra touch of trendy. Each product pairs perfectly with any of our other merchandise, especially our backpacks, which are all manufactured with the consumer-on-the-go in mind, including a separate back pocket to slide onto the handle of a suitcase for easy travel. 

David Ben David, the Founder and Creative Director of Sprayground, commented on the upcoming launch: “With the holidays coming up, travel is becoming more stressful. Here at Sprayground, we want to help alleviate that stress and make travel fun again! We thrive on offering the highest quality and creative design, to allow the opportunity to express yourself wherever you take-off and wherever landing may be. We are so excited to launch the new product and canvas design as a part of our “Jungle Paris” collection - it really brings together the sophistication and artistry of the brand.” 

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