Iconic Fashion House Sprayground Turns Up The Temperature With Its Miami Heat Backpack Collaboration 


Sprayground - the world’s most rebellious, artistically innovative fashion brand, known for its unique and vibrant accessories and backpacks - has unveiled its latest collection for all the Miami Heat fans. The collection includes two new backpack designs that effortlessly channel classic court culture, sold exclusively inside the arena's Miami Heat store. 

The backpacks showcase the Miami Mashup Jersey Designs that were unveiled in Thursday's game against the Charlotte Hornets. Matching the team's most iconic look Sprayground created a backpack with their bold and vibrant ‘MIAMI’ Logo inside Spraygrounds classic Shark mouth design. The backpack itself is one-a-kind with its splashes of bright splashes of sea blue and bubble-gum pink in the design, taking on Miami Mashup Jerseys and making it an even bigger statement. 

What better way to customize your own backpack than with attachable logos and patches? Sprayground showcases Miami Heat's second backpack as a classic black “velcro” backpack, including twenty-one different patches to attach on to the backpack in any way you choose! To match their iconic court looks they added ‘mashed-up’ renderings of the teams “MIAMI,” “HEAT” and Ball and flame along with their classic remarks of “15 STRONG,” and “FUEGO.” Can you get any more Miami than everyone wanting to make something individually unique themselves? 

Sprayground is known to be at the forefront when it comes to sporting collaborations, with previous partnerships including Miami Dolphins, Spalding, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers and with athletes such as Odell Beckham Jr, Jarvis Landry and Alvin Kamara. This partnership with Miami Heat will be no different!

Don’t miss out on one of Sprayground’s most limited and iconic drops to date - available for purchase exclusively at the Miami Heat store inside the arena on November 11th 2022. 

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