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We went on a search to find the biggest Naruto fan EVER. We asked our fans to go on Instagram and prove why they're the biggest fan in a chance to win the dopest Naruto backpack around, part of our brand new 10-year anniversary collection!

Naruto is a phenomenon of our time that has grabbed the attention of so many people across the globe, including NFL stars Jarvis Landry and Melvin Gordon, as well as gamers including Sunzi Bae, who told us she even held a mini funeral at home for Neji. 

We received a crazy amount of incredible entries and because there are so so many amazing fans out there, we couldn't pick just one, so we picked THREE.

You guys really stood out as SUPER FANS and to add to your collections, we're giving you all a NARUTO RAMEN 2020 backpack! 

The winners include:

@c.d.1 - he has an INSANE collection and knows all there is the know about NARUTO! 

@tlxove - this guy has a face tattoo...the SAME one as Sasuke, whaaaat.

@single_productions - this winner learnt Japanese in high school, just so he could read the Manga before it was translated! 


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