Sprayground And Richie Rich Take Lavish Style To New Heights With New Backpack Collaboration


Prepare to dive into a world where opulence meets fashion as Sprayground unleashes its dynamic collaboration with the iconic American cartoon Richie Rich. The highly anticipated backpack combines the audacity of streetwear with the timeless charm of Richie Rich, resulting in a collection that epitomizes urban luxury and unrivaled cool.

Sprayground, the undisputed leader of innovative travel fashion, has joined forces with the legendary 1950’s pop culture icon Richie Rich to create a jaw-dropping collaboration that will set the fashion world ablaze. The backpack’s design exemplifies the brand’s history of designing disruptive fashions that provoke head-turning reactions. Sprayground combines the fun and colorful art from the original comic to create a one-of-a-kind backpack that melds Sprayground’s signature motifs and quality with Richie Rich’s iconic look. 

Richie Rich’s expensive taste and style are reflected in the printed visuals adorning the blue and black checkered backpack. Featuring Richie Rich in high style, sitting atop a colorful gumball machine, blowing a bubble in the shape of a dollar bill, this playful design is sure to catch the eye of any passerby. Drawing inspiration from Richie Rich's extravagant lifestyle, this backpack effortlessly blends statement-making luxury with streetwear aesthetics, resulting in a piece that exudes unapologetic style.

The full-sized backpack features multiple pockets throughout, an ergonomic mesh back padding to keep your posture upright and comfortable, a separate laptop compartment, and velour compartments to stash your laptop - keeping your daily essentials secure and readily accessible. This bag will not only fit all your backpack needs, but the bag will also outshine all your fashion needs.

The Richie Rich backpack is now available to purchase at www.sprayground.com and exclusive boutiques nationwide!! 

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