Sprayground Continues To Make A Statement With Culture Shifting Collection African Intelligence 3.0


Dropping as travel restrictions ease, this collection was carefully crafted by Sprayground – the global rebellious and artistically designed backpack and influential streetwear brand, with the desire to reconnect people through travel, bringing new hope to a post-Covid society. The African Intelligence 3.0 (Ai), completes its trilogy, which first started in 2018, designed by Sprayground Vice President, Sandflower Dyson, and now includes luggage, for the very first time.


For Ai 3.0 - a collaboration between Sprayground and artist Sandflower Dyson, the popular urban streetwear brand, not only portrays empowerment, but supports the idea that there is something that lives beyond you, and encourages you to get there. 

The collection includes three style lines, the Ai3 legacy collection, which was designed to showcase a foundation, whereby you’re encouraged to live life to the fullest and evolve into something far greater. The Ai3 Mogul collection, which includes a lion's face on a vibrant and colorful palette, supporting the idea you can be your own person, on your own journey, lions are loyal and fierce, yet they work together within their communities to survive and thrive. Lastly, the Ai3 Black Gold collection, a metaphor that emphasizes everyone has gold inside of them - don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.

This is the first time the African Intelligence collection has introduced a full luggage set, this was designed to bring hope to a new wave of travel, connecting people whether its from New York to New Jersey, or New York to Dubai, whatever the distance, it was created in the mindset of looking forward to new adventures, together. 

Sandflower Dyson said: “I never thought we’d do a second collection, let alone a third. It’s an honor for me to work alongside some of the best in the industry, who truly support and align with my vision to empower our communities and bring people together. This Ai Collection is a celebration of what brings us together honoring the past, present, and future of mankind. I am inspired by the many countries and cultures of the birthplace of humanity... Africa! And I'm excited for a new wave of reconnecting with people close and far.”

A portion of the proceeds will go to charitable organizations whose focus is uplifting black communities. 

As always, the brand dialed into functionality for this collaboration, with designated partitions for USB sticks, wires and cables, laptop, and other accessories securely stored in zipped compartments, making it the perfect statement bag for the powerful and strong and also functional.

The collection can be found at www.sprayground.com and exclusive boutiques nationwide.

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