Sprayground Delivers Your Payday Dreams with New Collection


Get ready to unlock your style potential and carry with confidence. Sprayground- the world's most innovative streetwear brand known for its artistically designed backpacks, accessories, and apparel, has you covered with their newest dynamic collection- worth every penny. The PAYDAY PARTY collection is the ultimate must-have for the traveler who likes to turn heads.

Sprayground is constantly redefining the accessory game, and this collection is no exception, with eye-catching, graffiti-like art and featuring a black-and-white color scheme, playful motifs, and bold, bubbly designs, these bags will have you feeling like rolling in the dough. The collection comes in either a backpack or duffle bag form and boasts an extra layer of excitement for all of your travel needs.

Perfect to amp up any look with its scandalous graphics and famous shark mouth, these bags are suitable for a wide range of activities. No matter what the day holds, you will have that signature Sprayground flair without sacrificing comfort. The backpack comes with ergonomic mesh back padding, adjustable straps, and a variety of zipper pockets, while the duffle has a zippered sneaker pocket and metal hardware, making every day an unforgettable fashion experience. 

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