Sprayground Drops It's Craziest Back To School Drop As Seen On Forbes


Sprayground Drops Its New Back-To-School Collection Just In Time For A New Year

For some schools in the US the academic year has started, and Sprayground has created a back-to-school collection that recently dropped with over 100 new designs and unique collaborations. The bags are known for their practicality and fashionable elements.

The famed artistic fashion accessories brand is claiming they have “everyone’s backs covered” in this drop. With kids at the heart and in the minds of creators, they have an array of colors and styles for boys and girls. Looks are taken from some of the most iconic pop culture characters from The Powerpuff Girls, Rugrats, SpongeBob, Jolly Rancher, Looney Tunes, Monopoly, Naruto, Pink Panther, BettleJuice, Call of Duty, Cookie Monster, Dragon ball Z, Garfield, Hey Arnold, Rick and Morty, Richie Rich, Rugrats, and if you’re a University of Miami fan then there’s a backpack for you. These are just some of the backpack types that were apart of various capsule collection making their way to this larger collection drop.

If you’re not a fan of pop culture icon bags then there are Sprayground bags, from in-house collection from the ‘Money Stacks’ collection, ‘Sharks In Paris’ bags that pays homage to the Hello My Name Is design. “Sprayground has styles for everyone that are guaranteed to make you stand out in a crowd. Fusing functionality and fashion have always been the cornerstone of Sprayground's designs,” notes Sprayground.

There are smaller sized and full-sized backpacks. The full-size backpack has many pockets in and outside of the bag, as well as an ergonomic mesh back padding that ensures proper yet comfortable posture. It also includes a laptop and velour compartments.

Sprayground was founded in 2010 by David BenDavid, known as DBD. He couldn’t find bag styles that appeased him with what he thought were boring and mundane options on the market. Wanting streetwear options that highlighted the art scent, the brand has been able to capture the attention of loyal followers. DBD has been able to create fashionable, yet practically comfortable bags that incorporates culture, design, diversity, art, and music. The company’s ‘Hello My Name’ backpack garnered attention 10+ years ago, and it was through this that DBD wanted to create items that represented his childhood and upbringing.

The collection can be found at sprayground.com and at exclusive backpacks worldwide.

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