Afro-Futurism & Vivid Fashion: Sandflower's African Intelligence 8.0 Collection


Sprayground, the world’s most influential streetwear brand known for its eccentric and highly coveted designs - has released its eighth in its series ‘African Intelligence 8.0, an ongoing collection co-designed by Independent Artist, Artist in Residence, and Sprayground’s VP and Creative Director of Content, Sandflower. The concept and name of this collection were directed by Sandflower based on her personal life experiences. 

The African Intelligence 8.0 introduces a captivating range of luggage and backpacks featuring African-inspired prints that combine contemporary fashion with cultural influences. 

Taking new heights this collection has exhilarating and breathtaking new prints with an assortment of sleek designs. Each piece is meticulously designed to provide longevity, ensuring a timeless and reliable travel companion. African Intelligence 8.0 embraces the spirit of art, vibrant colors, and captivating patterns to signify this collection. Each piece serves as a canvas for expressing the beauty and intricacy of African culture while redefining travel style with a fresh and modern approach. 


Travel in style with Sprayground and Sandflower’s African Intelligence collection. The coveted collection features four standout capsules; the AI gold which includes a backpack and tote, the AI diamond, including 10 unique pieces; two backpacks, duffel bag, long chain handbag, two clutch bags, wallet, pouch, cosmetic bag and a waist belt chain, AI Prints, comprising of four unique and loud big backpack designs, and the AI tribal capsule which includes six pieces - two backpacks, a cross body bag, globe handbag, a purse and a carry-on suitcase! While these styles embrace the beauty and diversity of African aesthetics they are also aiming to empower travelers to express their individuality through these unique designs. The collection also includes various organizational compartments and features that cater to the needs of modern travelers and adventurers. 

Together with Sprayground founder, DBD, Sandflower has created tidal waves with the African Intelligence collection since launching in 2019, this collection has proven to be highly sought after and moving fashion into the future, with notable celebrities wearing the bags, including Jarvis Landry and Alvin Kamara. 

The African Intelligence 8.0 collection is available online at and exclusive boutiques nationwide.

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