Sprayground Relaunches Harriet Tubman Backpack After President Approves New $20 Harriet Bill


Global backpack and influential streetwear brand Sprayground, relaunches its highly popular Harriet Tubman inspired backpack, in celebration and recognition of Black History Month, following Biden’s recent announcement to revive plan for $20 Harriet Tubman bill.

The brand launched a collection that captures the legacy of political activist, Harriet Tubman, taking inspiration from her portrait. The limited-edition backpack features a large portrait image on the $20 dollar bill. The bill represents a turning point in American history as she would be the first African American woman to be on US currency. 

First launched in 2020 for Black History Month, selling out in just hours,  Sprayground decided that in celebration of this iconic and important moment, to re-release this backpack with a portion of the proceeds going to The Tubman Foundation www.Tubman.org.

Sprayground VP, Sandflower Dyson, said: “It's an honor for us to be able to put an iconic historical figure in American culture on a Sprayground backpack. We are happy about Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, so much so, we are doing Sprayground’s first ever relaunch of a backpack! Harriet Tubman’s activism changed the face of American culture and to be able to pay homage to such an amazing leader in our nation’s history during Black History Month is truly a privilege. ”

The exclusive ‘Harriet Tubman’ collection will drop online at www.sprayground.com and select boutiques nationwide during Black History Month, from February 1st 2021.

To browse the limited collection visit www.sprayground.com and follow@Sprayground on Instagram for more updates.

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