Sprayground Uses Pixel Art to Reinvent its Classic Shark Backpack


Sprayground, the globally recognized innovator in streetwear, is about to take the fashion world by storm with the launch of its latest collection. The “Censored” collection features never-seen-before pixel art backpacks, duffels, teddy bears and crossbody bags.

This collection is a spin-off of the classic monogram shark mouth design. Each bag is covered by a checkered black and gray background, with a bold red coloring inside of the shark mouth. As an edgy twist to the original, the entire shark mouth is pixelated and blocked by large, unmissable grawlixes. Sprayground is pushing the bounds of revolutionary streetwear with this collection.

Crafted using the finest vegan leather to ensure durability and style that lasts, these bags feature multiple compartments, providing optimal organization for your every need making them the ideal companion for your next adventures. And, as the cherry on top, the Money Bear adds a touch of off-duty playfulness.

ether it’s strolling through city streets or jet-setting on your next adventure.

The new collection is available online at www.sprayground.com and exclusive boutiques worldwide.

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