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Today we launched a first-of-its-kind! The Shark Wave Backpack, made  from 10 plastic bottles from the ocean, then recycled into polyester fabric.

We've built the brand by bringing together fashion and art; and for this backpack we wanted to bring our precious planet in too. 

This is our first backpack made from 100% recycled material, this bag highlights our infamous and collectible ‘shark mouth’ art piece cut-out on the front of the backpack, over a blue wave canvas - an appropriate design for this launch. 

Our aim with this bag was to find sustainable manufacturing by finding ways to reuse resources while also cleaning up the environment at the same time, taking a big step in the right direction on behalf of the fashion industry, where forward thinking applications is a must in today’s climate.

It's no secret that when it comes to backpacks and accessories, Sprayground is at the forefront of high-quality and unique design. With this brand-new design, they ensured functionality was still at its best, with designated partitions for USB sticks, wires and cables, laptop, and other accessories securely stored in zipped compartments, making it the perfect bag for the fashion-forward and the sustainably-conscious. 

Founder and creative director, David Ben David said, “I am always looking at ways to give back to communities with my designs, but for this one I wanted to do more, I wanted to give back to our planet. Today, even more so, we need to be more sustainably aware, especially when we need it the most. And it’s pretty cool how you can get a dope product and still be looking out for the planet at the same time!”

The recycled bag is available from today at

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