The Ultimate Game-Changer: Sprayground Banks On Monopoly-Inspired Backpack that Takes Style and Functionality to a Whole New Level


One of the most beloved board games is coming into collaboration with Sprayground - the world’s most rebellious, artistically innovative fashion brand, known for its unique and vibrant accessories and backpacks. The cutting-edge fashion house takes its turn with the classic Monopoly game and spices it up with an energetic and revolutionary backpack for trendsetters everywhere. This collaboration will be unveiled on June 13, as part of the fashion house’s 13th anniversary. 

Sprayground has added their twist to different brands in the past including Spongebob, Sailor Moon, Rugrats, Naruto, Avatar, and many more. Now Sprayground brings their creative energy to the world of board games. With the help of Monopoly's standing star and monocle-wearing figure Rich Uncle Pennybag, Sprayground embraces the classic Monopoly style with a twist of their own recognizable elements, including their collectible art-piece - the Sprayground shark mouth.

The iconic shark bite is branded front and center with the cold hard monopoly cash filling in around the bite. The Monopoly Money Shark bag is ready to be worn by all board gamers alike, and with its bright and eclectic colors, it's certain to be the bag that will stand out this summer.  


The new collection will be available online at and at exclusive boutiques nationwide on June 13, 2023.

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