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*Drum roll please!*

Today we are unveiling our most anticipated drop of the year - our 200-piece Back To School collection for 2020, including matching mask designs. It encompasses brand new designs and fun collaborations - whether kids are going to a physical classroom or back to home school, this collection is FIRE, and bound to be the talk of the class!

For back to school 2020, we've got your back and got you covered, and we've gone that extra step further and created matching masks to go with the bags - making sure we have kids geared up ready for a new term.

Kids are already hounding their parents across the globe for the best backpack they can get their hands on, they want to look fresh walking in on the first day, even if it's just to the kitchen table! 

This year, we are bringing back their first-ever (and madly popular!) backpack, in not one, not two, not three, but five epic designs. The ‘Hello My Name’ bag first caught attention 10 years ago, when we first started. Founder and creative director, DBD wanted to design something that spoke his background. He grew up surrounded by the whole street art scene, where that sticker was very iconic in his world. So he put it on a bag and it sold out very quickly. And this year it’s making an even bigger come back!

In addition, the collection includes collaborations with a number of children’s favorites including Spongebob, PowerPuff Girls, Marvel Universe, Rick and Morty, Rugrats, Minions, Simpsons, Street Fighter and Naruto, to name just a few, as well as sport-fanatic collaborations with the NFL and NBALAB

All our backpacks are complete with a separate laptop compartment and a conveniently-placed velour pouch perfect for a pair of glasses, pencil case or even a snack, as well as some fun secret pockets! These unisex backpacks will sure be the talk of the school.

A little message from DBD: “For me, the first day of school was always the most exciting, but sometimes nerve wracking, seeing your friends after a long summer and unveiling your new look. This year, I want kids and parents to know we got your back, we got you covered. I wanted to design a collection that not only gets kids excited to get back to school, even if it's back to ‘Zoom classes’, but keep them safe and show off their unique style. We’re so stoked to bring kids this collection, SpraySafe everyone!”

Available NOW! 

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