A Fashion Industry First: Sprayground Integrates AI into Design Process for New Product Line


Sprayground, the global, artistic, and innovative fashion house, together with world-renowned architectural designer Tim Fu, is setting new grounds for fashion design, unveiling a hyper-futuristic collaboration designed with the help of AI. Never been done before, this collaboration is setting new heights for the fashion industry.

Tim Fu takes the transformative technology of AI to create impeccable and captivating architecture, interior design, and products, and now with the help of Sprayground's founder and Chief Creative Director David BenDavid (DBD), they were able to come together and craft wearable pieces that take us into the inevitable future of advanced technology and design. 

This unparalleled collection shows off Sprayground's creative ability to break down barriers and the boundaries of fashion. It also shows how it was practically unavoidable for the fashion house to be leading in the innovative world of AI fashion designs. The collection was created with iconic Sprayground elements and a mix of ultra-modern components to create a hyper-futuristic vision of streetwear.

The evolutionary collaboration has sleek pieces that are bold and transformative, yet have the complete functionality of your classic Sprayground bag. Available in a number of styles, including luggage, backpack, cross body bag, and laptop bag, the collection makes traveling and day-to-day life not only ahead of its time, but easier and sleeker. The collection has designs that include the trademarked Sprayground shark mouth to keep to the brand's roots, but also takes an innovative approach of including certain pieces with the ability to glow. 

For more information on the new project, please visit www.Sprayground.com.

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