Architectural Digest: Sprayground Teams Up With Tim Fu of Zaha Hadid Architects to Design Intergalactic Housing Concept


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Hello Tomorrow! Has Us Wondering How to Build the Perfect Home on the Moon

Since we—crushingly—still don’t have moon time-shares in the year 2023, we started wondering what architects and designers of today would propose for such a lunar home. We reached out to David BenDavid, founder and creative director of accessories brand Sprayground, and Tim Fu, architectural designer for Zaha Hadid Architects, who together have been exploring the intersection of “intergalactic” fashion and avant-garde architecture. Fu notes that, with the emergence of algorithm-aided design and digital fabrication technologies, “We can now shift from the traditional vision of the modular space-age aesthetics to the more fluid dynamism of neo-futurism.” Both also agree that a moon home should not eschew Earth (or earth tones) entirely, but instead marry terrestrial and extraterrestrial styles. “[We can] play with form and light, introduce parametric design and biophilic forms, and bring an aura of nature and familiarity to a potentially cold and hostile environment,” Fu adds. 

David BenDavid founder and creative director of Sprayground and Tim Fu architectural designer for Zaha Hadid Architects...

David BenDavid, founder and creative director of Sprayground, and Tim Fu, architectural designer for Zaha Hadid Architects, created this rendering of their proposed moon home for 2023. The shark motif is a popular theme in Sprayground’s collections.

And lest we forget that this hypothetical house is also a home, BenDavid stresses that comforting interior design and amenities would also be important. “We need to make it feel fun and safe!” he says. “The walls should have dynamic overhead mood lighting, so that, when it’s nighttime on Earth, the angle at which you are viewing Earth doesn’t look so gloomy. An indoor pool or sauna would also be important.” And while the jury’s out on if we’ll ever actually colonize the moon or somewhere else in the galaxy, it’s comforting to know that certain design elements, whether that be mood lighting or hot tubs, seem to translate well to any galactic space.

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