Artistic Fashion House Sprayground Reinvents Futuristic Style With Collection Designed For Time-Travelers


Sprayground - the world’s most rebellious, artistically innovative fashion brand, known for its unique and vibrant accessories and backpacks - has unveiled ‘Future Traveler’, a capsule collection with biomorphic shapes and space-age silhouettes to give time travelers a transformed look on their next journey. With a new light on hyper-modern fashion that elevates the brand's futuristic vision; Sprayground merges together the perpetuated influence of sci-fi with its unique streetwear flare that exploits to the most its renowned aesthetics and recognizable eye for stunning visuals.

The collection includes five reimagined travel pieces that effortlessly channel both futuristic and sci-fi couture narratives, two rarefied realms in the form of a backpack, duffle bag, crossbody, carry-on luggage and hand tote.  Although created with style at its core, the ‘Future Traveler’ collection is built for the modern traveler, with each bag designed to have maximum usability, adaptability, and versatility - ensuring travel-friendly bags for all of your journeys. 

Each piece in the collection features a cosmic white color to highlight its exquisite space-age silhouettes and textures. Additionally, each bag features horizontal quilting, textured rubber bottoms, cargo pockets, and Sprayground’s signature and collectible art piece shark bite handles.  

Sprayground first captured worldwide attention when the ‘Hello My Name Is’ backpack debuted over 10 years ago. Sprayground founder, David BenDavid (DBD), had high hopes to create a brand that he felt represented his childhood and upbringing. Exposed to streetwear, art and a variety of cultures from a young age, DBD took all this inspiration and turned it into creativity that is now admired worldwide. 

The ‘Future Traveler’ collection is available online at and exclusive boutiques worldwide.

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