We are knocking down borders and launching a first-of-its-kind collection of travel cases!!


We're making a statement launching a luggage collection during a global pandemic, a design with no design borders and no limit to our artistic flair and capabilities, so why not? We plan to bring something completely unique to the market, exciting fans as the lockdown starts to ease and people begin to hit the road on their summer holidays. 

Known for our uniquely-designed backpacks and the No Borders travel collection will be no different. The luggage was first seen during our inaugural New York Fashion Week show in September 2019, it includes three capsules and incorporates our well-known shark-mouth detail.

We have dialled into functionality and quality for this collection, making it the ideal case for the fashion-forward and those on-the-go. Each design, ranging between $200-250, comes in two sizes, 22” and 29” - making them the perfect size for one large checked baggage and the other for an ideal carry-on bag. 

The lining is patterned with our ‘Money Stash’ design, distinctive wheel design, and also pairs perfectly with our backpacks which are all designed with the consumer-on-the-go in mind, with a separated back pocket to slide onto the handle of a suitcase for travel ease. 


Founder and creative director, David Ben David said, “If there’s one thing I’ve learned after years of traveling the globe for work and with my family, it’s so important to have quality luggage, but why does it all have to look the same? Luggage shopping can be so boring - every time I step into an airport I always see the same. We work hard to bring art and fashion together with our backpacks, so I thought, why can’t we knock down design borders and do the same with luggage, and bring something completely different to the travel market! We’re so excited for our fans to get their hands on these pieces, they’re dope!”

Be quick, once it’s gone, it’s gone! 

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