introducing our spongebob 10-year remix


10 years ago Sprayground founder and creative directer, DBD, dreamt to create something special in the world, he dreamt of something that was inspiring, something that was art art, fashion, rebellious, something that went against the grain because creativity spoke the loudest. 

We Super excited about this bag. The Spongebob bag was one of our first bag collaborations 8 years ago. We really pushed the limits with this one. 

DBD wanted to put a shark mouth on him. But that was already way too extreme for them. So that bag had to get approval from the founder of Spongebob himself, making it the first consumer product to get his approval, EVER. 

This year, to mark our company milestone, we've reinvented one of our first and most-loved bags of the decade! 


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  • I need this bag now!!

    Tre Knight on
  • I need this bag so bad.

    Trevontae Knight on
  • Is thus bag available for purchase?

    Trish Smith on
  • How do I buy this?

    Johan Mehat on
  • When will bag be in stock for purchase

    Bridgette Goff on
  • I want this bag for my 10yr old

    Lorena zuniga on
  • Where can I order this back pack or how ??

    Anthony Aguilera on
  • I would really love to surprise my baby with this bag…interested in purchasing

    Vanessa bejarano on
  • How can purchase this bad pleaseee

    Deabbies Mendoza on
  • How do I get this bag?

    Cindy Benn on

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