The time has come, and we’ve finally caught up with “SPRAYGROUND” owner David BenDavid. From collaborating with the likes of Chris Brown to Spike Lee, David has come so far from the 8-year-old boy from the Bronx who was looking at the wild art in New York City subways. Being raised by a single mother, he learned very quickly to make the sacrifices necessary to care for his family and loved ones and that it’s okay to be a kid at heart.

BenDavid grew up surrounded by art and merged two words that resonated with him from his early years. SPRAYGROUND was born in 2010, and just like that, David’s first bag, the “Hello My Name is” backpack was an instant hit. Soon after, David introduced the “Money Stacks” backpack that surpassed his original and was even seen on Kevin Durant during an interview during the NBA finals. 

Photography by Kike Flores

Walking down the cultured streets of Miami, Tokyo, Dubai, and more, he remains humble as he reflects and acknowledges how much of a blessing it is to see fellow humans wearing his well-designed and inspiring bags.

BenDavid also shares his latest project, a collection titled “The Henny Aiir to the Throne,” his favorite collection thus far. SPRAYGROUND offers their first-ever golf bag and nine other exclusive pieces, including 100% Prima cotton polos from Peru being reached globally.

The out-of-box designer credits his roaring success to his team that took years to build, and ever since the opening of his SPRAYGROUND house in Miami; he believes his fans will see a new wave of creativity in their latest designs.

“Take things slow. Be patient. Put your future in the Most High” are the words that BenDavid lives by daily. As David continues to make bags exciting, thought-provoking, and awe-inspiring, his next goal is to figure out how to assist people in moving through their lives easier with their belongings by collaborating with an airline to design first-class cabin bags.

An innovator, designer, businessman, and artist, there’s nothing that will stop the determination and artistry of David BenDavid. 

Check out the exclusive interview with SPRAYGROUND founder and designer David BenDavid below.


Photography by Kike Flores
Photography by Kike Flores

You are our latest cover for The Contrast Man. What do you think truly defines a Man? I’m still a kid inside, creating, painting, sewing all day…but I guess the adult in me would say, one that would make the sacrifices necessary to take care of one’s family and loved ones because no one else will. But I was raised by a single woman who taught me that.

Tell me about the name SPRAYGROUND! What’s the story behind the name of your brand?
So growing up in the Bronx I had art all around me, either on the walls and street signs or even on the subway. I put the word “Spray” from graffiti because I love spray paint and the word “Ground” from underground street art because when I was 8 years old looking at the wild art in NYC above ground and underground in the subway was so inspiring to me. When I pursued my dream of making a fashion travel brand I wanted to create my own unique creative playground…hence, calling it Sprayground. 

How did you first discover your love for fashion?
I was raised by my single mom and three sisters. Definitely from them. Countless hours being dragged to the mall and waiting for them outside the fitting room! But over time I started to pay attention to the fashion and to look at the details.

Tell me about your latest collection!
The Henny Aiir to the Throne is the latest but one of my favorites. I created 100% Pima cotton Polos in Peru, our first-ever golf bag, and nine other pieces in the collection. I enjoy creating new additions to the SPRAYGROUND World, so it is exciting to see the final product ship globally.

How were you able to navigate through a global pandemic while still owning and operating a successful business? Thank God we get to create and build. I have an amazing, amazing team that took years to build and now we work like a finely tuned engine, roaring for success! I recently expanded our NYC office and opened up a Sprayground house in Miami. It’s such a contrast living so close to the ocean, but I think our fans will definitely see a new wave of creativity in our latest designs. At the beginning of the pandemic we were stuck with delivery delays, warehouses being shut down, all crazy things. We’re coming out of a crazy couple of years and I’m feeling blessed to still be here doing what I love doing! 

When did you first notice SPRAYGROUND starting to take over?
What a blessing seeing fellow humans wearing the bags. I am humbled when I walk down the streets of Miami, Tokyo, New York, Rome, London and Dubai and see the product on people’s backs. When I first ever started Sprayground I created one bag, the Hello My Name Is backpack because I was from the street art scene, where that sticker is very iconic in my world. So I put it in a bag and it sold out very quickly. I was like, wow, we onto something! I needed to maintain the continuity of limited edition products, so I came up with the Money Stacks backpack, which to my surprise was even hotter than the Hello My Name Is bag. It was a blessing seeing celebrities, athletes, and musicians wear it. Even Kevin Durant wore it on an ESPN interview during the NBA finals.

Who are some of your dream collaborations? Shoot your shot!
I love transportation…figuring out how to help people move through their lives easier with their stuff! The bag is ultimately the trunk to our bodies. So it has gotta look good and feel good! I think it would be cool to design first-class cabin bags for an airline. Also unique carriers like musical instrument cases.

Photography by Kike Flores
Photography by Kike Flores

What is your philosophy in life? Take things slow. Be patient. Put your future in the Most High. Pray daily for success because things take years and decades to build, but it can all crumble within a few moments. Smile at people because you will get a smile back. Give advice even if you don’t get advice back.

What’s next for you, David BenDavid?
Continue to make the craziest forms of bags. Exciting, thought-provoking and awe-inspiring! More short films…I recently made a short film collaboration with Star Wars, which was hella fun creating! I also recently hosted our first-ever Content Party. Hundreds of hand-selected models, influencers, and cool people we like came to Miami to get styled, and makeup done, they got to pick the bag they wanted to shoot with and then the area they wanted to shoot in, and each area was full of props to create a movie quality moment for our upcoming campaign.

The definition of Contrast is to be strikingly different. What makes you strikingly different?
I was blessed with the gift to turn boring things into exciting ones. While most run with the pack, I create my own path with a backpack.

This editorial was made possible by our team or dedicated creatives.

Photography by Kike Flores.
Interview by Michael D. Monroe.
Story by Oliver Brown.
Production Assistance: Nathalia Calle Bustamante + UADV.
Creative Direction by David BenDavid.
Produced by SPRAYGROUND.
Location: Atlantic Aviation.
Suit by Khangle.
Cover Vehicle: Apocalyspe 6×6

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