Sprayground's 12th Anniversary Collection Features Revamped & Iconic Designs Made To Strut


In 2010, fashion designer and creative visionary David BenDavid reinvented the backpack with his emblematic design "Hello My Name Is", creating the blueprint for what 12 years later become the world's most influential streetwear superbrand. What began as well-made backpacks with eye-catching designs quickly grew into one of the most iconic fashion houses founded in the twenty-first century. 

In 2022, Sprayground is celebrating 12 years as the world’s most innovative and artistic fashion brand by releasing the re-interpretation of some of their most iconic designs. Featuring over 60 never-seen-before backpacks, crossbodies, duffle bags, carry-ons, toiletry bags and wallets, this new collection features an array of re-imagined designs, colors and styles that serve as the perfect canvas for individual style and self-expression. 

The 12th Anniversary Collection includes an all new ‘XTC’ collection, ‘Sharks In Paris’ and brand new designs featuring the iconic shark’s mouth motif. Sprayground’s signature designs will be put on full display in the collection’s wide array of stylish full-size and mini backpacks, sleek and functional crossbodies, toiletry bags and wallets, spacious carry-on luggage and duffle bags.

Sprayground has become a symbol of youth rebellion, an elevated streetwear style, and a vehicle for creative self-expression. As part of their legacy and encapsulating this aesthetic, this new collection features signature patterns and crazy combinations with some of the world's most recognized and beloved pop culture classics including; Cookie Monster, Garfield, Naturo, Nickelodeon, Rick And Morty, The Powerpuff Girls and Spongebob.

The full-sized backpack features multiple pockets throughout, an ergonomic mesh back padding to keep your posture upright and comfortable, a separate laptop compartment, and velour compartments to stash your laptop - keeping your daily essentials secure and readily accessible. This bag will not only fit all your backpack needs, but the bag will also outshine all your fashion needs.

The 12th Anniversary Collection is now available to purchase at www.sprayground.com and exclusive boutiques worldwide. 

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