Sprayground Brings Back Early 00’s Nostalgia With Streetwear Twist In Exclusive Travel Collection


With the always-fun and youthful aesthetics of the early 2000’s on a major comeback tour in 2022, Sprayground - the world’s most rebellious, artistically innovative streetwear brand, known for its unique and vibrant accessories and backpacks - has unveiled ‘Magic City’, an expressive and eccentric, early-00s-inspired travel collection with an explosion of color.

The fashion house welcomes the Y2K translucent trend with eye-catching pieces made to stand out. This ultra-contemporary and multi-functional travel collection is crafted from high-shine, holographic technical materials. This collection features bright duffle bags, multi-colored backpacks, and carry-all totes that are perfect for casual weekend trips, errand running, or as a statement piece to make any look a little more ‘magic.’ 

The holographic technology used in this collection creates an effortless magical feel. Warm oranges, yellows, and pinks mingle with cool blues and greens to create a translucent and reflective effect reminiscent of the youthful 2000’s. Put this together with Sprayground’s sleek and futuristic black detailing and signature shark mouth, and a perfect match is made. This disruptive combination of sleek futurism and bright nostalgia creates a ridiculously celestial aesthetic.

Sustainable, practical, and fashion-forward are just some of the most distinctive qualities of Sprayground’s legacy. Known for its generally eye-catching designs - along with high-quality materials - the “Magic City” collection is no different. These ethereal assortments are perfect for your next trip, whether it’s strolling through city streets or jet setting on your next adventure.

The new collection is available now exclusively at www.sprayground.com.

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