Sprayground Brings the Slopes to the Streets with Captivating Ski Mask Line


Renowned for revolutionizing the world of fashion and accessories, Sprayground is proud to once again extend beyond backpacks with a new line of winter ski masks. This daring expansion demonstrates the brand's commitment to both style and functionality, offering a unique addition to their iconic product range.

With a relentless focus on innovation and catering to the modern lifestyle, Sprayground aims to redefine the concept of winter accessories. The new line of ski masks integrates the brand's signature designs and premium quality, providing both protection and a bold fashion statement for winter sports enthusiasts and urban trendsetters alike.

The collection boasts thirteen uniquely-designed ski masks featuring an array of patterns from checkerboards to chain links to faux fur of all colors, some of which showcase the iconic Sprayground shark mouth. Whether fans want a cute aesthetic with bear ears, a bohemian vibe with fringes, or an ‘out of this world’ theme with an alien head, there is no shortage of ways to keep warm while looking cool.

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