Sprayground & Hasbro's Iconic Board Game Scrabble, Partner To Unveil A Unique Limited-Edition Backpack


The iconic travel fashion brand, Sprayground, has joined forces with the classic board game Scrabble to create an exciting collaboration to create a one-of-a-kind backpack that combines the iconic board game pattern with the functional design elements that Sprayground is known for. 

The highlight of this exclusive backpack is the intricate word patterns found on the board game pattern. Words like "JEWEL," "HERO," and "ACID" are cleverly spelled out, showcasing the uniqueness of both Spraygrounds and Scrabble. However, what truly sets this bag apart is the center focal point – the word "SHARK", spelled with actual faux wood Scrabble pieces, adding an edgy and eye-catching element to the backpack's design. The straps include the pattern of Scrabble pieces with the game’s recognizable shade of red as well. There is also the Letter Distribution key on the side of the bag, making it so realistic to the board game itself that it feels like you could play the game on it.


The Sprayground x Scrabble collaboration backpack is set to be a must-have for unique fashion seeking individuals looking to make a statement. This limited edition release combines the functionality and durability that Spraygrounds is known for, with the timeless appeal of Scrabble. Whether you're a fan of the board game or simply appreciate unique design, this backpack is sure to turn heads and spark conversations.


The full-sized backpack includes a front zipper pocket, side pockets, a zippered stash pocket, separate velour sunglass compartment, and ergonomic mesh padding. It also has adjustable straps, gold zippers with metal hardware, and a slide-through back sleeve that connects to carry-on luggage. The interior includes a separate velour laptop compartment and a mesh organizer pocket, perfect for storing away your daily essentials. It is made with a durable faux leather water-resistant fabric, which will keep the bag and your belongings safe. 

The Scrabble backpack is available to purchase for $100 USD at www.sprayground.com and exclusive boutiques nationwide.

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