Sprayground Unveils First-Ever $1,500 Wardrobe Trunk


In a bold move that redefines travel fashion norms, Sprayground, known for its eye-catching and daring designs, has unleashed its first ever Wardrobe Trunk. This opulent and exquisite creation is set to change the way modern travelers move around the globe in style.

The VANQUISH II WARDROBE TRUNK stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, seamlessly merging refinement with practicality, representing a thrilling progression in Sprayground’s approach to travel essentials. Designed with innovation in mind, this wardrobe trunk presents a checkered pattern—a symbol of timeless sophistication—harmonizing flawlessly with two striking tigers gracing its interior. Inside, an expansive interior hosts three small drawers and a large compartment, meticulously arranged for effortless organization of clothing and accessories. Complementing its interior allure, the trunk’s exterior features side handles, luggage wheels, and a secure lock, ensuring the safety of your belongings during travel.

The VANQUISH II WARDROBE TRUNK combines artistic finesse and practical brilliance, redefining luxury in travel essentials. Its blend of refined elegance and seamless functionality invites you on a journey where opulence and practicality blend into sophistication.

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